Thursday, September 24, 2015

Best In Vancouver: The Fall Of Day

The Fall Of Day have been very active in the scene, playing great shows and sharing their music anyway they can. I chatted with guitarist/vocalist Vic about what they have in store for Best in Vancouver.

James: How did you find out about "Best In Vancouver"?
The Fall Of Days: We heard about the BIV from Kevin at Rednyne Production. He invited us to play on October 2-kicking off the first night at BIV at Studio Records.We love playing there, it's the best room in Vancouver.

James: What sets you apart from other bands?
TFODWhat sets us apart then most would be how our personalities come through on stage .we have a blast playing and it shows.therefore our audience has an amazing night as well.this is what we live for ....playing music and meeting lots of great people.

James: Do you have anything special for your show planned?
TFODWe have been known to change up our shows.we promote safe sex by handing out DUREX condoms to everyone.usually they are blown up and flying in the air.the 10 beach balls at our last sold out show was awesome. We are also the only band that has our own gimmick- TRAINGE TOM , and the fans love him.

James: What do you think about battle of the bands competitions and how they influence the scene?

TFODWe think these band competitions are a great way to show your bands ability to write and perform.also to meet other great musicians and other people in the music industry.its always a pleasure to perform live .thank you James for the interview and hope to see you on October 2 to witness THE FALL OF DAY perform on opening night .

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