Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Best In Vancouver

We conducted a number of interviews with as many of the bands for this year's Best In Vancouver competition as we could get a hold of! Below are the show dates with which bands are playing that night. We have linked all the bands with interviews so you can click and see what they had to say!

October 2nd:
Redford Drive Best In Vancouver: Rexford Drive
Kownterpoint Best In Vancouver: Kownterpoint
Rocket To Venus
The Fall Of Day Best In Vancouver: The Fall Of Day

October 3rd:
Carousel Scene Best In Vancouver: Carousel Scene
Rune Best In Vancouver: Rune

October 9th:
My Mother The Carjacker Best In Vancouver: My Mother The Carjacker
Octobers Best In Vancouver: Octobers
Whiplash Escalade Best In Vancouver: Whiplash Escalade
Kristina Lao Best In Vancouver: Kristina Lao

October 10th:
Kaslo Best In Vancouver: Kaslo
Travis James Best In Vancouver: Travis James Band
The Echos Best In Vancouver: The Echos
She Dreams In Colour Best In Vancouver: She Dreams In Colour

October 16th:
Modern Day Poets Best In Vancouver: Modern Day Poets
Michael Averill Best In Vancouver: Michael Averill
Flub The Duck

October 17th:
Chilled Clarity Best In Vancouver: Chilled Clarity
The Dramatic Finish Best In Vancouver: The Dramatic Finish
Downtown Riot
Caustic Sodapop

October 23rd:
Bone State Rebellion Best In Vancouver: Bone State Rebellion
Gabe & The Oh Yeah's Best In Vancouver: Gabe & The Oh Yeah's
Julien Amar Best In Vancouver: Julien Amar
On The Run

October 24th:
Nine O'Clock Gun Best In Vancouver: Nine O'Clock Gun
Mistral Storm
Switched To Black Best In Vancouver: Switch To Black
One Left Alive

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