Monday, September 28, 2015

Best In Vancouver: Kristina Lao

Originally from Hong Kong, Kristina Lao brings her brand of Indie Folk-Pop to the Best In Vancouver competition. I had a fantastic exchanging of words between the talented singer/songwriter about her hitting the Studio Records stage.

James: How did you find out about "Best In Vancouver"?
KristinaI saw it on a friend’s facebook page and followed it down the rabbit hole. Now I’m hanging out here. With you. Hello.

James: What sets you apart from other bands?
KristinaWell, I’ve listened to songs from about half of the bands in BIV so far, and I can categorically say that what sets me apart is my dismal failure in the rockstar arena. I’m thinking of recording myself smashing a chair and putting that on instagram to prove my rock-ness, but a) I don’t know how to selfie- record myself smashing a chair, b) I’m scared of splinters, and c) I don’t have a spare chair. Or five. Because we all know I’m not just going to do it the once and be happy with it.

James: Do you have anything special for your show planned?
KristinaYes. A pyrotechnic show. Do you have a lighter I can borrow?

James: What do you think about battle of the bands competitions and how they influence the scene?

KristinaI surmise that any initiative that encourages acts to a) play a set in an ACE venue, b) includes an industry-hosted Q&A session, c) meet other local acts to listen to and engage with, is only going to have a positive influence. I’ve discovered new music to listen to, gigs to attend, and people to share HILARIOUS youtube videos with (which I’d happily share with you, too, but I fear we’re running out of time). I am grateful to Rednyne and the competition sponsors, who are championing emerging artists. It is equally up to us to determine how the competition influences the scene, and I feel very honoured to be a part of that.

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