Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Gods Of Foo Were Here, And It Was Goooooood!

**Spolier alert… I’M A HUGE FOO FIGHTERS FAN!
September 11th Rogers Arena held a very special few people… The one, the only, those men that fight Foos… The Foo Fighters.

I can’t say one bad thing about this show. I just can’t. These men have been rockin’ the air waves and the hearts of 1000’s for over 20 years now and they are absolutely magical. Even though Dave Grohl had a busted leg, he still came out and rocked the crowd. Whether that is contract obligation and wanting to make money, or purely because he loves to play for his fans, we will never know. But I will definitely bet on the latter. Mr. Grohl had an amazing set up of a throne for him to sit and rock in for the tour. He describes designing it while being under the influence of hospital medication which is pretty awesome that even at the time of the break… he was still thinking about how to make it to his show commitments.

I got there an hour and a half early to see the opener and get a good spot as I paid for floor tickets. Foo Fighters is my favourite band of the present and I had never seen them live so of course I would dish out a little more dough to cheer on the Foos. The crowd quickly became like one solid entity with people flooding in at the last minute to see the curtain fall. The energy right off the bat was pure intoxication for anyone let alone a super fan. I was already ready to settle for a show with Dave seating in one position, but then when his chair began moving down a long run way 5 metres away from me, the excitement took over. Everyone’s playing was superb in this reviewer’s opinion. Getting to see the legend Pat Smear wail on his guitar was a dream come true, as was the drummer sensation of Taylor Hawkins, the awesome riffs by Chris, that amazing rhythm coming from Nate’s bass and those mad cool tones coming from Rami’s piano and at one time…accordion! The band played a lot of Foo’s traditional songs like Time’s Like These and My Hero, and of course before the end of the night the crowd went into a frenzy (including myself) for Everlong. But they played a lot of newer hits from their 2015 release of Sonic Highways, their 8TH studio album I might add and it still brought the house down. Not only did they rock their own music, but they did some pretty awesome covers of Under Pressure and Bryan Adam’s Summer of 69! I must say the acoustics in Rogers Arena were top notch, it was probably one of the better venue’s I’ve seen shows at to date, but that could just be because I was so close to my music idols.
All in all it was amazing performance and you can check some of it out on line I’m sure or in the few photographs I managed to take between jumping up and down. 1209490237590735 out of 5 hammers for the Gods of Foo. Dave if you read this, can we be friends?

Written by: Julia Monk

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