Monday, September 21, 2015

Indie Vancity: Volume Two

Like beer? Then this might be the night for you! We are BREWING a night of emerging musical talent at Big Rock Urban. Bring your BEER goggles, your BEERDS (if you have them), and your dapper selves. Invite your friends, family, NeighBEERS. Come along by yourself, at the very yeast. Ha. HAHA. HAHAHA.

Music from 8pm - 11pm, hosted by Jamie Cessford of CJSF. Featuring new, original music from Jake Lesperance, Derek Wayne Martin, Grady Flanagan, Full Moon Riot and more. 
Drinks specials are BEERILLIANT: $3 Sleeves, $3 Highballs, $9 Cocktails. 
We will be passing notes, giving away free things, and dishing out cake, of course.
All ages welcome, good food available, and a view of a brewery as we play you some epic tunes. It'll be BEERY GOOD. 
Spread the word, join in on pun-flinging, and join us as we MAKE A SCENE. Again.

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