Thursday, September 24, 2015

Best In Vancouver: Octobers

All the way from Kelowna, the Octobers, playing in October, will be at Studio Records for the Best In Vancouver. I spoke with Joel about their upcoming venture to the big city.

James: How did you find out about "Best In Vancouver"?
Octoberswe found out about BIV after attempting to book a show at studio records. We were told that the date we had requested was taken, however the Best in Vancouver series was taking place that night and we for fires we'd give it a go!

James: What sets you apart from other bands?
OctobersI think what can set us apart, in our live show specifically, is a sense of "light heartedness". While trying to be as professional as possible, we don't take ourselves too serious and its shows in the fun we have and the way we interact with each other and the audience.

James: Do you have anything special for your show planned?
Octoberscan't give all our secrets away prematurely

James: What do you think about battle of the bands competitions and how they influence the scene?

OctobersBattle of the band competitions are a good way to become introduced to a local scene I think. Especially for a new band or new to town band. It gives bands an opportunity to get in front of other bands and their fans and hopefully some body will be into their music them that mighty never of seen them otherwise. Also, battle competitions are a good way to hone your skills and build your chops as a performer. When your playing alongside all these other super talented people it really pushes you and makes you want to be your best and strive higher in what you do!

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