Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A modern Twist on an old sound

Shredding licks is nothing new. But shredding licks and screaming Iron Maiden/Judas Priest style vocals is something you don't see much in the Vancouver music scene. I caught up with frontman Chris Osterman to chat about the band and their upcoming full length album.

James: So tell me about the history of the band
Chris: Technicaly we formed back in 2004. Jordan and I wanted to jam and see if anything came from it. But i wouldn't say we got serious until about 2008 when we started getting more shows and more of a direction that we wanted to go. We started as a four piece band but kicked 2.

J: Tell me about that? Why did they get kicked out? Not committed? Didn't share the same musical interest?
C: Actually you nailed it. We were young too, so it was a lot to do with people still finding themselves. We've actually gone through about 11 or 12 band members in total up to this point.

J: Crazy! Do you think this is a solid line up right now?
C: I feel the band is doing very well. But there is still a lot to come in the next few months so anything can happen.

J: On that note tell me about the upcoming album! Where is it being recorded? Whose the engineer?
C: Well as of now we are starting to get more details on the exact dates and times, but we plan to record the drums at The Facotry which used to be called Little Mountain Sound. Aerosmith, AC/DC, Motley Crue, Metallica, Rob Halford and Bon Jovi all recorded huge hits in those same rooms. We have confirmed that we will be working with Andy Boldt as our engineer. He owns a studio in his backyard where we will do all the vocals, bass and guitar tracks.

J: How many songs will be on the debut album?
C: Ultimately our budget will decide the final number but as of now we plan to record 9 songs with a possible tenth.

J: Can you describe the sound you want on the album?
C: I would say along the lines of Iron Maiden's The Number Of The Beast. or Judas Priest's Screaming For Vengeance, but we are our own band so the real plan is to get our sound with similar feelings to the classics.

J: Sounds like it will be a killer album. So you guys have played a lot of battle of the bands?
C: Indeed

J: And you've won your fair share of them?
C: yes, yes we have.

J: Tell me how that feels to win? What did you win?
C: Oh it feels great to know that other people enjoy and support your music! It's never an easy feat though. We've won money, prizes and merch packages, tuners, etc..

J: Favorite prize?
C: I'll be honest. The money. It's a tough industry and anything that helps you get a leg up is definitely helpful.

J: Worst?
C: hmm.. well a prize is a prize. but one time we won a few t-shirts from a company none of us would ever wear

J: hahaha nice. Any crazy tales from shows?
C: haha oh there is plenty. Well just 2 shows ago we blew the breaker at Jolly Macs Pub. Not once.. not twice.. but three times!

J: Brutal! Any crazy fans?
C: One time there was a homeless guy who said to Jordan after our performance at the Vogue Theatre that we sounded like Iron Maiden. That was very different to hear.

J: Sounds like good times! Any last comments?
C: We're here to bring back the music and excitement of the 70's-80's styled heavy rock and we hope you'll join us on our journey through time and metal! Keep the faith! \m/

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