Monday, March 28, 2011

Beer before liquor never sicker...

Now insert yourself into this picture. This is where you should be on Friday April 1st. Not going to say much. This is one of my favorite bands in Vancouver. Every show is an experience of headbanging, sweat, and booze. Their tunes are full of sick riffs, fat bass and bombastic drums. If i had a music school.. and i taught music.. their album would be on "Required Listening" list.

Who: Black Wizard, The Rockband Called Time, Hidden Towers:
Where: The Interurban Gallery/Scratch Records, 1 East Hastings Street
When: April 1st Doors at 9pm
How much will this cost from my beer fund... 10 bones

Black Wizard:
The Rockband Called Time: no myspace..
Hidden Towers:

I'll be posting pictures on the show on the site! So stay tuned!

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