Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Takes "girl fronted band" to a whole new level

Take one look at this picture. You don't see a bunch of hairy sweaty guys right up front, you see a large group of beautiful well dressed ladies. Having a female singer is nothing new, even having a great female singer is nothing new. But having a singer who is so in touch with the music, so personal, that her soul flows out during every performance... well that's something you don't want to miss. Backed by a strong band this girl gets so into it that the whole audience is just captivated. Her voice has edge, but also be really sweet and innocent. They're album is full of rock with a twist. Not the usual formula but still quite memorable. Lots of high energy packed into each song. Good riffs, solid bass all the way through. The drumming is insane at points. Ranging from straight beats to some crazy fills. But i cant stress enough. See them live! I wish they had a myspace page that would show their dates.. or if they're website showed more information. They are very secretive.

See their website to get a free download of their whole album:

And search them on facebook!

Check out this youtube video of them playing at the Red Room:

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