Monday, March 21, 2011

An Interview of Farewell with EVE

Be a part of history. This band has been together for years and has gained fans all around the world. They keep up an amazing tradition of Japanese inspired bands by putting on killer shows. Wild headbanging and amazing antics do nothing to draw away from their tight playing. But alas they are moving on to other things. I caught up with Jay Liu, one of the original guitarists, to talk about their final show and what tricks to expect.

James: So how long have you guys been playing together? Member changes?
Jay: Eve started around 2009 so its been 2 eventful years. Sid, Saya and Riku have always been in the band. I quit last January.

James: Why did you leave? creative differences?
Jay: No, Just was too busy. We put a lot of time into the band and i knew i was going to busy. I didn't want to slow the band down.

James: Did you play on the album?
Jay: Yes, i played on the 6 songs on our MySpace. They have new songs after I quit, but they haven't recorded them yet.

James: Where did you record them?
Jay: At Hive Studios in Burnaby, BC.

James: What kind of genre would you say that EVE is?
Jay: hmm i guess just metal

James: What sounds do you think influence EVE?
Jay: umm everyone of us listen to different kinds of music.. but for the most part its Dir En Grey and Slipknot. Half east, half west i guess.

James: What was one of your favorite moments in the band?
Jay: hmm.. when we are all headbanging together. And when we come up with something really cool for our shows on new song ideas. Makes me really excited.

James: Even though you left the band will you be at their final show?
Jay: I'll be playing, and so will the original bassist. So it's really the original members for the last show

James: Can you tell me a bit about the show?
Jay: Its on March 27th at 6pm with Xenocide and Compass Rose. Cover is 12 dollars.

James: Any last comments?
Jay: Even though this is the last show for Eve.. each of us is going to focus on something important and different in our life. Who knows.. we might pick up our guitars and make better.. more powerful music with each members experience through life. i kinda look forward too it.

So definitely check out their last show if you have never heard the band before. It will not be something you want to miss.

Check out their myspace at

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