Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Folk Metal at its finest

Folk... Metal... What comes to mind is beer. Lots of beer. In old school mugs. This music definitely makes you want to grab your buddy and wave your beer around, and then head bang and mosh until you spill your beer everywhere. Scythia is in the studio recording a new full album and I cornered Scott Thompson, the keyboardist of the band, and beat him until he told me the details about the new sounds that will be hitting your ear drums soon.

James: So how long have you guys been together?
Scott: The band started in late 2008, but i joined them in august 2010.

J: How did it feel joining a band that already has been together so long? Did they have lots of songs written already?
S: They already had almost 2 full albums written. I was able to jump in on this next album. I did some co writing for a few tracks but i hope to be more involved with any future songs from the beginning of production.

J: Can you describe the sound of the band?
S: The band sounds like 6 drunk nerds dressed up as medieval idiots playing with elegant passion to a herd of regular townsfolk.

J: Interesting description. Any new direction for the new album?
S: Pretty much the same except you will hear the sound of a real professional oboist instead of solo violin on most tracks. Although we plan on hiring as many background string players as possible to pull off that real folk sound

J: Sounds great! Bet it will sound huge. How long until you think the album will come out?
S: We plan to release it in late July. Just before we go for our BC/AB tour.

J: Good plan. What details can you give me for the tour?
S: Well, we plan on travelling through the Okanagan, the Kooteneys and up to Edmonton. Then hit Calgary and Prince George. But our main highlight of the tour so far is the Metal Mountain Festival close to Hinton.

J: that just sounds exhausting. Bet it will be a blast though. Any last comments?
S: Join our Facebook!

To see the tales from ye studio check out:

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