Thursday, March 24, 2011

The triumpant return home! Catch their homecoming!

Now everyone knows that Thursday is the new Friday. So everyone come out to the media club for trashed Thursday to see 3 amazing bands! After a grueling 15 show tour in past two months Versus The Nothing returns home. This band has everything. A great blend of genres ranging from modern rock to even some shred riffs tossed in for good measure. Catchy choruses that just make you want to shout your lungs out while your dancing/moshing. A new album is also on the horizon for the band. Check out their single "Killer" on their website to get a taste of what lies ahead.

Now if that wasn't enough to entice you to come see these guys rock out, some familiar faces will be joining them on the bill. Fighting for Ithaca will be bringing their own brand of pop punk rock to the stage. Every time I've seen this band they always put on a great show. And to fill out the bill We Need Surgery will be there so get your groove on!

This promises to be a very memorable night. Who knows what tips and tricks Versus The Nothing has picked up from the tour. Be ready for anything!

Details on the show:
Where: The Media Club
When: March 31st     Doors are at 9pm.
How much will this cost from my beer fund... Only $8 !!!

Versus The Nothing:
Fighting For Ithaca
We Need Surgery
If for some reason you can't make the sure.. stay tuned. Ill be posting photos and will be doing a review of the show!

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