Monday, March 21, 2011

EPOS -A Brief History with Andrew Bailey

Very few bands have been around for more than 15 years. Most don't have the commitment, the stamina, and the creativity to keep things fresh. EPOS is a different kind of beast. I chatted with Andrew Bailey, rhythm guitarist, about the history behind the band. Prepare to be amazed by tales of wonder.

James: So tell me the origin of the name
Andrew: Well, we just finished recording our first full album back in 2000 and we still didn't have a name. We'd been going by some other names that either didn't fit or were being used by other acts. So Stew went back to Royal Roads University. He calls me up one night, all excited, and says "dude! I found this awesome word on the side of a beer box!" Big Rock brewery had a different box design than they do now and there were words printed all along the sides of the box in a faded out cursive font.. one of them was "EPOS"

James: What does it mean?
Andrew: It's Greek origin meaning "epic song, poem or tale" or "collection of epic songs or poetry passed down by word of mouth"

James: Very fitting. How did the band form?
Andrew: High school talent show. The original lineup went by the name The Pinheads in honor of Michael J Fox's band of the same name at the beginning of Back To The Future. *laughs. From the original lineup only Stew and I remain when it comes to our normal live lineup but Jon (original lead guitarist) is involved in recording. He lives and works in Hong Kong so we don't get to see him much.

James: Understandable
Andrew: Totally

James: What's your favorite moment with the band so far?
Andrew: Hmm I'll have to think about that one

James: Any shows come to mind?
Andrew: We played this show at Studebakers in Burnaby about 8 or 9 years ago that was wall to wall packed with BCIT kids. 300 people or so crammed in there made it a pretty crazy night.

James: Any memorable bands you've played with over the years?
Andrew: Sun Like Star were a really good band. Jon from that band and a couple other guys from that band as well (i think) are in Art Of Dying.

James: Wow! Small world eh? Any other memorable moments?
Andrew: Well we have a song called Round & Round, its a very happy go lucky swingy kind of thing and everyone loves it. Back before Anton came along it was me on guitar and vox, Sean on bass, Stew on keys and his brother Chris on drums. For Round & Round i give me guitar to Sean and go get my sax which is hidden behind the backline. At this one show the crowd was going nuts when i went to go get my sax. Just before the verse is supposed to start my guitar strap unhooks and my guitar is no longer attached to Sean.. it was on the ground. So we both bent down instinctively to pick it up and i end up missing my vocal cue. The crowd sang the first line for me... it was pretty cool.

James: That's awesome! What a great feeling that must have been. Any shows coming up? Final comments?
Andrew: I'd like to say thanks to everyone that came out to any of our shows or anyone show around town. Support is really needed and greatly appreciated. The Vancouver music scene can be really awesome because there are so many talented people.

James: Very true.
Andrew: As for shows? Be sure to check us out at the Princeton Pub on April 1st with The Executives, and Sinister Black. Only 5 dollars. And we're rocking Republic for Fox Loud Wednesdays on May 4th. Stay tuned for our new album coming soon!

So there you go, a quick glimpse into one of Vancouver's most experienced bands. Check them out!

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