Sunday, March 20, 2011

Interview with Graham McGee From Lungflower

I manage to sit down with lead guitarist Graham McGee from the stoner rock band Lungflower. The band just recently released their full record entitled Under A Dying Sun. Graham describes the madness going on with the making of the record and a brief history of the band.

James: How long have you guys been playing together?
Graham: Just about 2 years now. We started in a basement in East Vancouver.

J: So tell me about your new album?
G: It's called Under A Dying Sun, eight tracks ranging from shorter hard rock songs to longer more drawn out stoner doom riffs.

J: Where was it recorded?
G: It was recorded at Blue Wave Studios with Ken Burke, great guy.

J: So were you guys going for a really doomy dark sound? What bands influenced the record?
G: Not too doomy, more of a mix between Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, and Alice In Chains. More of a wall of sound.

J: What was your strategy in recording this album?
G: We did drums and bass first to get a solid bed down. Our drummer played an over sized Ludwig vista light kit so it was tricky getting it mic'd the way we wanted it to sound.

J: Then guitar? How did you get those tones?
G: Ya, we tracked cranked our amps up to 10 and 11. My Slo got some really thick tones then i did all the solos and overdubs. 

J: Tell me the story about the vocals?
G: Jamie did the vocals last which was kind of a daunting task because he had given his notice of quitting the band right before we started recording the album. Great way to kick it off eh?

J: Brutal, do you think that affected his performance?
G: We really had to push him to get the balls that was needed. You could tell he just wasn't motivated anymore, he was really focused on school. But hey, he's a great guy and still paid his share of the cost. I'll drink with him anytime.

J: I guess looking for a new singer is important before trying to book new shows eh?
G: Ya, no shows right now. Working on trying to find a new singer. We have some prospects and we have been scouting local bands for new talent.

J: Sounds great man! All the best of luck to you! Any last comments for the readers?
G: Just rock on and play it LOUD



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