Saturday, April 9, 2016

Altermind CD Release Show

Redrum redrum... oops I mean redroom. I could hear a light chant in the distance... ''oooooh Danny boy!'' This was gonna be a thriller show. My heart began to race as I approached the venue. Bridges to Royal I've never seen or heard this group but I have seen their progression within the local scene over social media. I was interested to experience their show. They began with hot 'n' heavy crushing licks like a battery ram with no warning, my head bobbed without hesitation. Bridges to Royal not only have great prowess in playing live, but they have their sound dialed in like a snipers scope. Their rhythm section is as solid as fort knox' foundation and produces groove that fits like a custom boot. The drummer in particular stood out with outstanding eaqual levels of musicality and presence. Bridges to Royal are super fun to listen to and bounce along with. If you wanna rock out to a band similar stp, go see these guys. I give Bridges to royal 8/10 hammers Altermind After listening to Altermind's single for a brief moment earlier in the after noon, I came prepared to take a thorough audible beating. The band kicked off their set with an ominous, ambient and epic intro triggering the crowd to cheer and  aplaud. They have great ability encorperating sweet heavy riffs and clean vocals making the band most comparable to Evanescence. Well into their set they had a game changer with a well suited slow song turning their set into a roller coaster. Second song from last  they did a Fleetwood Mac cover which sounded equally as good if not better than the original with their front woman's operatic vocals and classical piano. During the last song there was a high velocity moshpit which menaced  the ''dance floor'' causing people to retreate to safety.  Overall, Altermind played a hard hitting home run performance and knocked the ball out of the park several times. I can imagine one day this group will play at the Commadore ball room with a grand piano on stage. I give Altermind 9/10 hammers Than you for checking out this review and be sure to check out the other reviews by Hammer Records of local, national,  and international bands. This was another review by Hammer Records and Severvancity.

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