Monday, April 18, 2016

Excuse Me, My Son's Name Is Bort

A night at the Red Room is always a great night. Huge room, comfy places to relax and a killer stage to see bands! First up was Strathcona. I didn't know if these guys wanted to be more alternative rock or more desert rock. With such a unique vocal it could have gone either way. Their originals sounded good but I wish they had more dynamics. After hearing a track of theirs on Soundcloud I was hoping for a more energetic performance. I could see them rocking out like Foo Fighers or Queens Of The Stoneage, but the vocalist was pretty locked to his microphone stand. I wish they would have done something that played more into a performance value. Their cover of a QOTSA song was my favourite. If they became a Queens Of The Stoneage cover band then I could see them doing quite well!

I give Strathcona 6/10 Hammers
Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Switch To Black we've seen grow bigger and bigger. Growing their all ages fan base as well as playing as many shows at 19+ venues as possible. At the Red Room they gave another solid, rocking performance that won over the crowd of people who have never heard of them before, but by the end of it was asking for their album. This trio is known for its straight from the heart rock and roll. This set they seemed to be trying out some new songs, even a couple slower ones. I think with some refining those tunes will match up with their tracks off their first EP. Slade, their bassist seemed a bit more conservative than other performances that we've seen, but still put on a great performance. In the mix at the Red Room I wish the guitar was a little louder in order to get a little more dynamics in the tracks. I can't wait to see them once they are legally playing these 19+ shows!

I give Switch To Black 8/10 Hammers.
Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Porcelain Sky took the stage next, easily the biggest crowd of the night. Their front man was already hyping the crowd up before their set even started. His boundless energy had the crowd cheering multiple times throughout their set. Mixed with the bands super tight prog rock it had the crowd pumped and rocking their heads and raising their fists. The mix was great throughout the entire set and I wished they had a second guitar in order to just fill out some of their tracks, but the thick bass with the huge ever changing drums kept things moving along as the guitar added great depth and crunch to the tracks.

I give Porcelain Sky a 7/10 Hammers
Check out their Facebook page HERE.

Last up was BORT. This is what the night was waiting to see. Their second time on stage, but no strangers to the stage. BORT was ready to take things to the next level. More guitar pedals than all three bands combined. Right off the bat their guitar sounds really added a different feel than the other bands. Their sound reminded me of some classic Stoner/Desert Rock bands. The crowd was headbanging away and rocking hard with the band. It would have been fun to see some more band interaction between members but everyone was pretty much in their own mind about jamming out hard to their tunes, not to mention navigating pedal boards!

I give BORT a 8/10 Hammers
Check out their Facebook page HERE.

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