Monday, April 18, 2016

You Were Just Sent A Jerkagram!

Jerkagram. Jerkawhat? Jerkagram. A psychodelic pregressive rock band from Los Angeles. I saw them at Funkys few months back and caught their last song after finishing playing a show myself earlier that evening. Seeing the drummer play his 22'' China on the floor to finish the set made me want to see a full set. When I saw this event posted I immediately marked it in my calendar.

Mess (first show) Johnny matters new band. What else do I have to say. Blasting heavy hardcore punk these guys play a great opening set killing it right off the top. I found myself punching at accents along with well placed group vocals. For hardcore punk these guys have a great pocket and fit well inside it. Their bass riffage was intoxicating and addictive craving more at the end of the set like after eating an entire box of brandy chocolates! cracking jokes between the songs and conversing with the audience made Mess a fun band not only to watch but to 'hangout' with them while they did their thing. Over all, their high energy and entertaining performance and extremely slurred comedic screaming and great stage stage presence and musicianship, I give mess 9/10 messy hammers.

Dried out.
Standing out front of Lana Lous waiting between bands, I could hear the next set beginning to dry out the atmosphere inside from the side walk. After salivating over what could hear and wanting to start a pit on the side walk i decided to move in. As I entered back into the venue I could feel an intensity which had filled the room similar to the energy in the eye of dry dessert storm. Dried out's fun punky moody sound had the crowd bouncing bobing and screaming along. Their rhythm guitarist has a presence of John Dillinger and a Norse berserker flailing about with nothing willing to stop him. This band fits great with Vancouver punk with their solid rhythm section, searing solos, and a well tamed mix of raspy clean and harsh screaming vocals and high energy performance. For making that sweet transition from Vancouver's wet and rainy season into its retarded hot summer get dried out with ... dried out. I give 7/10 dry hammers

I don't know how to pronounce this bands name but either way it rolls right off the tongue! Hedks is a great original female punk rock cross over duo featuring Clair aka twitch and taster Fraser forming a female super duo of sorts. These ladies began crushing the audiences skulls straight off the hop. Clairs heavy guitar licks will make your eyes roll into the back of your head with pure heavy goodness. Taser is simple yet very heavy and sturdy drummer laying down the law of the groove. There were points when both women would do gang vocals adding a creepy hypnotic sense to their performance. Taser playfully and jokingly threw a beer can at a friend in the crowd, her friend retrieved the can and threw it back at taser and she caught it ever so gracefully by the bottom of the can then returned the can to the spectator. Probably the flashiest thing taser did. keep an eye out for this foxy duo cause they are as powerful as a locomotive. I give 8/10 wet hammers.

Anticipating this set for three months, I was excited see what Jerkagram was really about live since i missed out last time. On tour for their new album, I was here to listen with a purpose. To expand my mind. For the majority of their set I found my self simply gazing at the guitarists hands or the drummers kit as I was mystified by their crazy grooves and riffs you could expect to be improvised. The guitarists overlapped loops made the two piece feel like they had the guitar section of iron maiden or the Eagles. The drummer broke a stick at the Beginning of the second song and continued to use it with out interference until a break about two minutes or three minutes into the song. Taking different styles of music I can only compare to Adrian Belu and applying them to modern art rock, they are creating entire new dimensions of music. Overall they're incredible. Super tight nit right there with each other. If you can, see this band. I give Jerkagram 10/10 hammers Thank you for reading another review by Hammer Records and Severvancity productions. See you next time and stay safe. Thrash on.

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