Thursday, April 14, 2016

#CMW Artist Showcase - Sulfur City

Rock band Sulfur City is bringing their Sudbury sound to Canadian Music Week. We had a quick chat with the band about their upcoming show in Toronto. 

Hammer Records: Tell us what you think of when you think Canadian Music?
Sulfur City: Folk, folk rock, electronic pop

Hammer Records: How did you get involved in Canadian Music Week?
Sulfur City: Applied to play.

Hammer Records: What do you have planned for Canadian Music Week?
Sulfur City: Aside from our showcase we are taking advantage of the networking, conference and workshops. Because we have recently signed with Alive NaturalSound Records out of L.A. we are looking to engage a booking agent in touring our album. As for our show standing out or being special I strongly believe in performance, interesting and engaging written songs and musicianship as opposed to gimmicks.

Hammer Records: What message do you want to send to Canadians listening to your music?
Sulfur City: Feel, explore, question, live, laugh, love, dance, scream and acceptance.

Hammer Records: Whats coming up for you?

Sulfur City: Debut album with the label Alive NaturalSound Records dropping May 27. Followed by European tour in the fall.

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