Thursday, April 14, 2016

#CMW Artist Showcase - The Haig

Haunted Dreams Synth Grunge, I don't know if I WANT to listen to this band! Just kidding! The Haig is coming to Canadian Music Week and you don't want to miss them! We had a quick chat about their upcoming performance. 

Hammer Records: Tell us what you think of when you think Canadian Music?
The Haig: Canadian music is pretty well everything to us. We are constantly going to shows and seeing all the bands touring through and there’s so much untapped (or undertapped) talent that we’re constantly discovering. Honestly, the Canadian music we usually see is typically pretty weird and can’t normally be categorized into any one box, which really nicely represents Canadian people.  So basically, Canadian music is exactly what it should be, artistically speaking.

Hammer Records: How did you get involved in Canadian Music Week?
The Haig: We applied for CMW through Sonicbids.

Hammer Records: What do you have planned for Canadian Music Week?
The Haig: We like to focus on the music and make sure it’s just going to blow people away.  Even though we’re releasing an album this summer, we’re still constantly writing new music and updating our set to be the best we can make it. We have a loud, powerful, and eclectic sound that really grips the audience from start to finish so we just need the stage and the audience at this point.  Also, we have some pretty trip projection set up to go along to the music.

Hammer Records: What message do you want to send to Canadians listening to your music?
The Haig: Thank you! We really hope you enjoy what we do and we sincerely appreciate you listening, coming out to our shows and just supporting the music community in general. 

Hammer Records: Whats coming up for you?

The Haig: Of course!  At the beginning of April we just released a 7” vinyl of our first single off our upcoming album, Ghost of Nuclear Future.  The song is called Turnbull Suit and the video for it is available here:
And then there’s the album itself.  Out this summer, it’s been a long time in the making and it’s going to be excellent.  We’re planning to tour Canada in 2017 to support the album and enjoy a fine adventure.
You can find our music and information at the links below.  We look forward to connecting with you all and seeing you at Canadian Music Week. It's going to be a hell of a festival.

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